The Beginning of the Adventure

The Beginning of the Adventure

I've been writing since I was 11. One day, while waiting at the shopping center for my mother, I pulled out my phone and started typing short notes into my memos on my Samsung Galaxy Ace (period of the smartphone Enlightenment).*

This simple act developed into a long-lasting habit of typing my thoughts into my phone. I wrote entire essays, sometimes stories, memos, ideas and thoughts. I have been writing for over 10 years.

But I never published a single story.

This was partly due to fear and partly due to laziness. The two reasons, according to Kant, why "a large part of mankind gladly remain minors all their lives".

In 2017, my final year at high school, I ended up losing all my memos of the past 4 years. That hurt deeply. That collection included some of my most precious and ingenious writings - a trace of my development as a teenager. As a result, I nearly abandoned writing and my days became darker.

Yet, I cannot stop and return to writing. I encountered my darkest days in times when I wasn't writing and every time the act lightens up a small candle for me.

And now, finally, it is time to share my thoughts with an audience, you. You are my heroes, as I will be learning through you to overcome my fears. I will be writing for you and become better through you. I solemnly salute you, dear reader.

Here you can find my new blog: If you'd like to stay updated whenever I write a new piece, I'll be more than happy to welcome you as a subscriber.

I hope my words will enlighten a small candle for you. ✨

*These were:

[1] Will and faith are closely connected with each other.
[2] To understand what others feel, one must first learn to understand what oneself feels.

Especially the first is a realization that I've seen reconfirmed throughout my life.